Scalable Application Architecture:

Using modern approaches to application architecture, including the use of microservices, asynchronous message passing, distributed transactions, content delivery networks, and intelligent approaches to caching, netradius has successfully built applications that are able to handle large transactional volumes.  Applications we have built regularly handle large sales events, including extreme loads during black friday and cyber monday sales as well as handling large spikes from products showcased on popular television shows.

Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

Netradius has the expertise to build applications tailored to run on Amazon AWS or Miscrosoft Azure leveraging specific services those platforms provide while avoiding many of the common pitfalls.  Our experience includes not just running applications on those platforms, but building intelligent automated applications that can dynamically scale and adapt to varying work loads and support continuous delivery models for rapid application development and deployment.

Security By Design

Netradius has experience building security focused applications dealing with hipaa, ferpa, and pci compliance.  We always take a security-first approach to software development and consider application architecture to be the starting point for proper security.

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